Portrait In Red

Clare Sheridan is an impulsive talent. She relies on her skill as a sculptor as well as her position in society, beauty and charisma to make connections. To get her prestigious commissions she uses those connections as well as her lovers and relations. This includes her cousin Winston Churchill.


Clare isn’t satisfied with the important figures of London, however, and when the opportunity to sculpt a Bolshevik arises she accepts. Winston’s hatred for the Russian Communists and their policies is well known, but this doesn’t stop Clare who abandons her gallery opening and secretly travels to Moscow in hopes of sculpting Lenin and Trotsky.


While all of London speculates as to her whereabouts, she is introduced to the heart of the Kremlin. Lenin sits for her and expresses his loathing for Churchill. But it’s Trotsky who captures her imagination. Will she accept his invitation to the Front? And, will the world know whether their affair was genuine, a ruse for her spying, or whether that spying was for Russia or England?