By trade I am a computer geek. I spent many years programming everything from Cobol to Java and in every spectrum of the industry from writing software to working with clients. My most memorable job was working with a company that designed systems for international airlines, and my greatest challenge was moving deftly between meetings with a Japanese airline to an Israeli one. I learned to bow in Tokyo and shout across a smoke filled office in Tel Aviv.

Currently I am a photographer specializing in sports and high school senior portraits. I also do free lance web work; I love doing websites for authors and writing groups! See an example here and here.

I have always read, written and painted and I studied architecture in college. Writing, for me, is a way to combine all aspects of imagination. My current project is Portrait In Redhistorical fiction about sculptor, spy and cousin of Winston Churchill, Clare Sheridan.

I typically have a bookmark in at least five books, can be found down a rabbit hole of research or pleasure on the internet and have too many movies in my Netflix queue and Amazon Watchlist.